Episode 20

Published on:

20th Jan 2020

Genesis Chapter Four Verses 7-10

We studied last time how Cain just "threw together" an offering and went and "dropped if off" for God.

This was the reason God was not pleased with the offering.

In verse 7, God looks with favor on the offering of Abel but not on that of Cain. In this first mention of anger in the Bible, God warns Cain not to give into despair, but to master his resentment and work for a better result in the future. “If you do well, will you not be accepted?” the Lord asks him.

Some render the word a sin offering, as it sometimes signifies; and then the sense is, that though he had sinned, and had done wrong in the offering he had offered, nevertheless there was a sacrifice for sin provided. His offering was at hand, and would soon be offered! Therefore, he had no need to be dejected, or his countenance to fall; for if he looked to that sacrifice by faith, he would find pardon and acceptance from God.

But he didn't do that.

Instead, he allows his anger to fester and ends up killing his brother!

God then asks him, "Where is your brother?"

Cain arrogantly replies, "Am I my brothers keeper?" In other words, he was basically telling God, "If you're God, you should know where he is."

So God lets him know - He Knows!

"Listen; your brother's blood is crying out to me from the ground!"

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